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Italian >> Panna Cotta (cooked Cream)
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Italian >> Panna Cotta (cooked Cream)


Milk. . . . . . . 480ml/16fl.oz. Powdered Gelatine. . . . .4 Teasp Double Cream. . . . .240ml/8fl.oz. The Zest Of 1 Lemon ½ Vanilla Pod, Split Lengthways Sugar. . . . .100g/4oz
Place 60ml/2fl.oz.
Of The Milk In A Small Mixing Bowl And Sprinkle The Gelatine On Top.
Stir To Combine And Set Aside.
Place The Remaining Milk In A Saucepan Together With The Cream, Lemon Zest, And Vanilla Pod.
Heat Gently Until Just Staring To Simmer.
Add The Sugar, Then Stir In The Gelatine Mixture And Stir Constantly To Dissolve The Gelatin Completely.
Pour Into Ramekins And Chill In The Refrigerator For At Least 2 Hours, Until Well Set.
To Serve - Gently Run A Small Knife Around The Edge Of The Custard And Unmould Each Dessert Onto An Individual Serving Plate.
Serve Surrounded By Berries And/or Berry Sauce.

Serves: 4-6 Timing: 15mins You can serve with your family and friends.
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