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Arabian >> Apricot Balls (halawa Mishmish)
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Arabian >> Apricot Balls (halawa Mishmish)


Natural Soft Dried Apricots, Not Sweetened. . . . .1 Pound Sugar. . . .1 Cup Shelled Pistachios To Decorate, Or Chopped Pistachio For Stuffing. . . 30
Place The Apricot In A Food Processor Or Blender And Blend Them To A Smooth Paste, Adding A Very Little Water, If Necessary.(do Not Wash The Apricot Before Blending).
Wet Your Hands Or Grease Them With A Little Oil.
Place A Small Amount Of Apricot Paste In The Centre Of Your Palm And Shape Into A Walnut-sized Ball.
Roll Them In Sugar And Press A Pistachio On The Top Of Each Ball.

Indent The Centre Of Each Apricot Ball With Your Thumb And Press A Little Of The Chopped Pistachio Into It. Fold The Sides And Reshape Into A Smooth Ball, Then Roll In Sugar. Repeat With Remaining Paste. You can serve with your family and friends.
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