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Arabian >> Bokhary Rice
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Arabian >> Bokhary Rice


Meat With Bones, Or One Chicken. . . . 1 Kg. Rice. . . . 3 Cups Carrots. . . . .¼ Kg. Corn Oil Or Ghee. . . . ¾ Cups Tomato Juice. . . . ½ Cup Large Onions. . . . 2 Tomato Paste. . . . 2 Tbs Water. . . . .4 Cups Raisin Cooked In A Little Oil. . . .½ Cup Almond (blanched And Skinned). . . . .½ Cup Oil For Roasting The Almond And Raisin
Wash Rice With Plenty Of Water And Soak For ½ An Hour.
Clean And Wash Meat Or Chicken.
Clean And Peal The Carrots And Cut Into Matchsticks.
Heat Oil In A Large Heavy Based Saucepan, Add Meat And Fry Until Brown, About 5 Minutes.
Remove Meat From Oil And Keep Aside.
Reheat The Same Oil, Add Onions, Sauté For About 3-5 Minutes Or Until Soft.
Add Carrots, Fry Until Soft.
Add Meat Tomato Juice, Tomato Paste, Spices And Salt And Water.
Stir The Meat Mixture, Bring To Boil And Simmer Until Meat Is Partially Cooked.
Drain Rice And Add To Meat Mixture.
Do Not Mix.
Adjust The Seasoning With Salt, If Necessary.
Bring To Boil And Simmer For Ten Minutes.
Lower The Heat, Add Remaining Water, Cover The Pan And Simmer For1 Hour.
Slice The Almonds Or Leave Them Whole.
Fry The Almonds Little Oil Until Light Brown.
Remove From Oil And Place On Kitchen Papers.
Fry Raisins In The Same Oil And Drain.
Spoon The Rice On To A Serving Dish And Taking Care Not To Mix It With Meat.
Place Meat And Spices Over The Top And Decorate With Almond And Raisins.
Alternatively, Place A Large Serving Dish Over The Pot And Quickly Turn The Pot Upside Down Onto The Serving Dish.
Then Decorate It With The Almond And Raisins.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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