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Arabian >> Saudi Samboosak (starter)
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Arabian >> Saudi Samboosak (starter)


Flour. . . 3 Cups Grated Onions. . . .2 Oil. . . . .1 ½ Cups Ground Black Pepper. . . . 1 Tsp Yeast. . . . 1 Tsp Cumin. . . . . . 1 Tsp Oil For Frying Wate Ground Beef Or Lamb. . . .1 Lb
Put The Flour In A Deep Bowl, Add The Yeast And Salt.
Add The Oil And Rub With Fingertips.
Add Water And A Pinch Of Salt A Little At A Time, Mixing Thoroughly Until Dough Is Binding.
Divide Into Small Pieces, Place On A Tray And Put In A Warm Place For One Hour.
Put Ground Meat, Onion, Salt, Pepper And Cumin In A Frying Pan And Cook Over Low Heat.
Roll Each Piece Of Dough Into A Round, About 1/16 Inch Thick.
Place A Tablespoon Of Meat In The Center Of Each Round And Seal Then Twist The Edges.
Heat The Oil And Deep Fry The Samboosak On Both Sides.
Serve Hot.

Serves: 8 - 10 You can serve with your family and friends.
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