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Chinese >> Asian Grilled Beef Rolls
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Chinese >> Asian Grilled Beef Rolls


1 Cup Soy Sauce ½ Cup Firmly Packed Brown Sugar 2 Pounds Beef Tenderloin, Trimmed Ground Black Pepper 4 Scallions, Whites Cut Into Rings Green Tops Cut 3" Lengths, Halved 3 Bell Peppers, Cut Matchstick (one Each Red, Yellow And Green) Olive Oil
Whisk Together Soy Sauce, And Brown Sugar In A Small Bowl Until Sugar Is Dissolved.
Set Aside.
Cut Beef Crosswise Into ¼-inch-thick Slices.
Flatten Each Piece Of Beef, With A Meat Pounder, Until It Is 1/8-inch-thick.
Don`t Over Flatten.
Transfer Slices To A Large Plate.
Dip A Slice Of Beef Into Soy Mixture And Place On A Clean Surface.
Season With Pepper.
Put 2 Pieces Of Scallion Green And 1 Piece Of Each Pepper Across The Width Of Beef.
The Vegetables Should Extend Over Both Edges.
Roll Up Lengthwise And Skewer Near The Edges With 2 Toothpicks.
Set Aside.
Repeat With Remaining Beef And Vegetables.
Brush A Grill Pan With Oil And Heat Until Hot, Or Heat Oven Broiler.
Grill Or Broil The Rolls, Brushing With The Sauce And Turning Until The Meat Is Medium Rare, 2 To 4 Minutes.
Cut Each Roll In Half.
In A Small Saucepan Bring Remaining Sauce To A Boil For 3 To 5 Minutes.
Pour Into A Small Bowl, Add Scallion Rings.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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