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Chinese >> Baby Egg Rolls
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Chinese >> Baby Egg Rolls


¼ Cup Olive Oil 1 (2-inch) Piece Fresh Ginger, Peeled And Minced 1 Garlic Clove, Minced 1 (½-pound) Boneless Pork Chop, Cut Into Thin Strips 2 Scallions, White And 1 Inch Of The Green Parts, Thinly Sliced 1 Carrot, Julienned 1 Large Red Bell Pepper, Julienned 1 Cup Thinly Sliced Napa Cabbage ¼ Cup Chicken Stock, Preferably Homemade 2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce 30 Square Wonton Wrappers Soy Sesame Dipping Sauce, Recipe Follows
To Make The Egg Roll, Heat 2 Tablespoons Of The Olive Oil In A Large Skillet Or Wok Over Medium Heat.
Add The Ginger And Garlic And Cook, Stirring Until Slightly Softened, About 2 Minutes.
Add The Pork And Stir Until It Turns White, About 2 Minutes.
Transfer The Pork To A Plate And Set Aside.
Add The Scallions, Carrot, And Red Pepper To The Skillet.
Cook, Stirring, Until Slightly Softened, About 2 Minutes.
Add The Cabbage, Stock, And Soy Sauce.
Reduce The Heat To Medium-low And Simmer Until The Liquid Has Evaporated And The Vegetables Are Tender, About 5 Minutes.
Return The Pork To The Skillet And Let The Contents Of The Skillet Cool To Room Temperature.
You Should Have About 2 Cups.
Lay The Wrappers Flat On A Work Surface.
Brush The Edges Lightly With Water.
Top With About 1 Tablespoon Of The Filling And Roll Into A Cylinder, Tucking In The Sides And Pressing The Edges To Seal.
(the Egg Rolls Can Be Frozen At This Point).
Heat The Remaining Olive Oil In A Large Nonstick Skillet Over Medium-high Heat Until Almost Smoking.
Working In Batches, Add The Rolls And Cook, Turning Often With Tongs, Until Golden Brown On All Sides, 5 To 7 Minutes.
Cool Slightly Before Serving.

Yield: 30 Egg Rolls Soy Sesame Dipping Sauce: Yield: ½ Cup 6 Tablespoons Soy Sauce ¼ Cup Rice Vinegar 2 Teaspoons Asian (toasted) Sesame Oil 2 Teaspoons Sugar To Make The Dipping Sauce, Combine The Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Sesame Oil, And Sugar In A Small Bowl. Stir Well And Serve On The Side With The Rolls. You can serve with your family and friends.
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