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Dessert >> Figs Oozing With Goat Cheese
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Dessert >> Figs Oozing With Goat Cheese



8 Fresh Figs Cup Goat Cheese, Softened 8 Grape Leaves, Drained And Rinsed Cup Honey Skewers

preheat Grill For Medium Heat.
Make A Small Incision In The Bottom Of Each Fig (large Enough To Hold Pastry Bag Tip).
Place Goat Cheese In Pastry Bag With Plain Tip.
Fill Figs With Goat Cheese By Squeezing A Small Amount Of Cheese Into The Bottom Of Each Fig.
The Figs Will Plump Up When Filled.
Wrap Each Fig With A Grape Leaf, And Skewer 2 To 3 Figs On Each Skewer.
Lightly Oil The Grill Grate.
Place Fig Skewers On Hot Grill.
Cook For 2 To 3 Minutes, Turning Once.
Drizzle With Honey, And Serve.

"fresh Figs Stuffed With Succulent Goat Cheese, Wrapped In Grape Leaves, Roasted On The Grill, And Drizzled With Honey. For An Extra Oomph Of Flavor, Skewer The Figs On Rosemary Fronds. One Bite And You Will Feel As If You Have Reached Nirvana!" Recipe Yield: 4 Servings. You can serve with your family and friends.
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