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Dessert >> Shahi Tukray
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Dessert >> Shahi Tukray


8 Slices Bread Diagonally Cut In Half Tbsp Ghee 50 Gms Almonds Ground 175 Gms Khoya Oil For Deep Frying Almonds And Pistas Slivered Saffron 175 Gms Sugar 750 Ml Milk
Trim The Crusts From The Bread And Deep-fry Till Golden.
Soak The Fried Bread In Milk, Turning It Once.
Strain And Reserve The Milk, Keep The Bread Aside.
Put The Strained Milk In A Saucepan Alongwith The Khoya, Sugar, Ground Almonds, Saffron And Ghee.
Cook Till You Have A Thick Mixture.
Cover The Base Of A Shallow Baking Tray With Some Of This Mixture.
Spread The Slices Of Bread On Top.
Cover The Bread With The Remaining Milk Mixture.
Sprinkle Nuts On Top.
Bake In A Pre-heated Oven Mark No.4 / 350 Degrees F /180 Degrees C For 15 - 20 Minutes.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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