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Chicken >> Chicken Manchurian
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Chicken >> Chicken Manchurian


1. ½ Lb. Boneless Chicken, Cut Into 1-inch Pieces 2. 2-tablespoon Corn Flour 3. 1-teaspoon Sugar 4. ½-teaspoon Salt 5. 1 Teaspoon Chinese Salt 6. ½-cup Oil 7. 1-teaspoon Ginger And Garlic Paste 8. 1 Green Pepper Chopped 9. ½-cup Chicken Broth 10. For The Sauce 11. 1-cup Chicken Soup 12. 1-cup Ketchup 13. 1-teaspoon Chili Powder 14. 2-teaspoon Sugar 15. 1 Teaspoon Salt 16. 2-tablespoon Corn Flour 17. 1-teaspoon Vinegar 18. Red Food Color
Mix The Entire Ingredient For The Sauce In A Big Bowl.
Mix Sugar, Salt, Corn Flour And Chicken And Fry In ½ Cup Oil Until The Chicken Turns Light Golden.
Place Garlic And Ginger In A Pan With ½ Cup Oil And Set It On Medium Heat For A Few Minutes Until You Can Smell Garlic, Do Not Let It Burn.
Add The Chicken Prepared Earlier Along With Chopped Green Pepper And ½-cup Chicken Soup In The Mixture.
When It Starts To Boil, Add The Sauce That Was Prepared Earlier In The Pan.
Serve In A Sizzling Dish.

Serve For 3 You can serve with your family and friends.
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