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Beef >> Tanduri Seekh Kabab
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Beef >> Tanduri Seekh Kabab



1- Ginger / Garlic 1 Tsp 2- Keema ½ 3- Green Chilli 6 Grinded 4- Onion 2 Grinded 5- Coriander Leaf ¼ Bunch Grinded 6- All Spice 1 Tsp 7- Egg 1 8- Chana 2 Tbsp 9- Makkai Ka Atta ¼ Cup 10- Poppy Seeds 1 Tsp 11- Dhania 1 Tbsp 12- Chilly Powder 1 Tsp 13- Saunf 1 Tsp 14- Salt 1 Tsp

step1: Slightly Roast Saunf, Dhania And Poppy Seeds And Grind With Chana Finely. Step2: Squeeze Out All Water From Washed Mince And Put It In A Bowl With Grinded Onion, Ginger / Garlic, Papaya, Grinded Green Chilli, Mint And Coriander Leaves Also Add In Dry Masala, And Egg And Mix All Very Well And Leave For 1 Hour. Step3: Then Shape Into Seekh Kababs. Step4: Heat Little Oil On Tawa And Shallow Fry It Afterwards Bake It For 10 Minutes And Give Dam Of Coal.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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