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Dessert >> Balushahi
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Dessert >> Balushahi


500g All Purpose Flour ¾ Tsp Soda Bicarbonate 125g Ghee Or Butter 2-3 Tbsp Yogurt 500g Sugar 2 Cups Water 750g Ghee For Frying Cold Water For Kneading For Decoration: 10g Chopped Pista 6-8 Cardamoms, Powdered A Few Silver Sheets
Sieve The Flour & Soda Bicarbonate Together Twice.
Rub 125g Ghee Into The Flour Lightly.
Add Yogurt, Cold Water Gradually And Prepare A Very Light Dough.
Cover With A Dry Cloth.
Boil Together The Sugar And Water.
Prepare A Thick Sugar Syrup.
For Frying, Heat Ghee In A Pan.
Remove From Heat And Cool To A Lukewarm Stage.
Again Keep On A Low Flame.
Divide The Dough Into 30 Balls.
Flatten Them Slightly And Press Each With The Thumb At The Center.
Deep Fry On A Slow Flame Till Half Done On Both The Sides.
Fry To Golden Brown On Medium Flame.
When Cold, Dip In The Sugar Syrup.
Arrange On A Tray And Decorate With Chopped Pista, Cardamom Powder And Silver Sheets.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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