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Chicken >> Kfc Hot Shots
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Chicken >> Kfc Hot Shots


Boneless Chicken (cut It In Square Shape Pieces) Eggs (1 To 2) Corn Flour (4 Tb Sp) Maida (4 Tb Sp) Vinegar (2 Tb Sp) Soya Sauce (1 Tb Sp) Chilli Sauce (1 ½ Tb Sp) Black Pepper (½ Tea Sp) Mustard Powder (more Than ½ Tea Sp) White Pepper (1 Tea Sp+1 Tea Sp) Garlic Cloves (4 To 5: Paste Or Finely Chopped) Salt (1 Tea Sp Or To Taste) Chinese Salt (optional) Chicken Cubes (2) Oil (1 Tb Sp + For Frying)
Steam The Chicken Pieces With Oil (1 Tb Sp) + Chinese Salt + Garlic Cloves (4 To 5) + Vinegar (2 Tb Sp) + Salt (to Taste) + White Pepper (1 Tea Sp) Make Mixture In Bowl With Eggs + Chille Sauce (1 ½ Tb Sp) + Soya Sauce (1 Tb Sp) + White Pepper (1 Tea Sp) + Black Pepper (½ Tea Sp) + Mustard Paste (more Than ½ Tea Sp) + Maida (4 Tb Sp) + Corn Flour (4 Tb Sp) + Chicken Cubes.
If This Mixture Becomes Too Thick Then 2 To 3 Tb Spoon Of Milk Can Be Added.
Coat The Steamed Chicken Pieces With This Mixture, Deep Fry And Serve.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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