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Cakes >> Whole Wheat Cake
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Cakes >> Whole Wheat Cake


Butter Or Margarine. . . 1 Cup Brown Sugar. . . .1 Cup Eggs. . . 2 Atta,sifted. . .2 Cups Baking Powder. . .1 Tsp Salt. . .1 Tsp Soda. . . .1 Tsp Sour Milk. . . 1 Cup Vanilla. . . . 1 Tsp
Mix Either By The Standard Or Muffin Method Of Mixing. Pour The Batter Into 2 Well Oiled Layer Cake Pans And Bake At 350 Degree Fanheight For 25-30 Minutes. ----------------------- Standard Method Of Mixing ----------------------- Have Everything At Hand Before Beginning. Grease And Flour The Cake Pans Thoroughly. Cream The Fat Until Soft;add Sugar Gradually. Add Well Beaten Egg Yolks Or Eggs According To The Recipe. Sift The Dry Ingredients; Add Flavouring To The Milk. Beat The Egg Whites Stiff And Dry. Add Liquid Alternately With Flour Mixture ;beat Until Smooth.(if Nuts Or Fruits Are Used They Should Be Floured Before Adding To Prevent Their Settling:add Them At This Point). Fold In The Egg Whites Last; Pour The Mixture Into The Pan; Bake In A Moderate Oven. ----------------------- Muffin Method Of Mixing ----------------------- Mix And Sift The Dry Ingredients. Beat The Eggs Until Light;melt The Fat ;combine The Two In Gradients With Milk And Vanilla. Add The Liquid Ingredients To Dry Ones, Stirring Vigorously Until Well Blended And Then Beating Till Smooth. If Desired The Stiffly Beaten Egg Whites May Be Folded In Last.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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