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Italian >> Gazpacho Salad
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Italian >> Gazpacho Salad


Large Ripe Tomatoes. . . . . 450g/1lb Cucumber. . . . . 1 Green Capsicum, Deseeded And Diced. . . . 1 Small Onion, Finely Chopped. . . .1 Garlic Clove, Crushed. . . . 1 Olive Oil. . . . . 4 Tbsp White Wine Vinegar. . . . .1 Tbsp Fresh Parsley, Chopped. . . . 1 Tbsp Salt And Black Pepper Thick Slices Bread. . . . . .3 Oil For Frying
Cut Each Tomato Into 8 Wedges And Discard The Seeds And Place Into A Large Bowl.
Peel And Cut The Cucumber In Half Lengthways And Scoop Out The Seeds With A Teaspoon.
Cut Across Into Thin Slices And Add To The Tomatoes Together With The Capsicum And Onion.
In Another Bowl, Whisk Together The Garlic, Oil, Vinegar, Parsley, Salt And Pepper.
Pour Over The Salad, Toss Lightly And Chill For 30 Minutes.
Meanwhile, Remove Crusts And Cut The Bread Into 12.5mm/½ Inch Cubes.
Heat 12.5mm/½ Inch Of Oil In A Frying Pan And Fry The Cubes Of Bread, A Few At A Time, Turning Frequently, Until Crisp And Golden.
Drain On Kitchen Paper And Leave To Cool.
To Serve - Add The Croutons To The Salad And Toss Lightly.
Serve At Once.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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