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Italian >> Cherry Pine Nut Biscotti
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Italian >> Cherry Pine Nut Biscotti



large Eggs. . . .2 Vanilla Extract. . . . Teasp Sugar. . . . . .100g/4oz Self Raising Flour. . . . 150g/+5oz Pine Nuts. . . . 75g/3oz Glace Cherries, Chopped. . . . 25g/1oz

preheat The Oven To 150c, 300f, Gas Mark 2 And Line A Baking Sheet With Parchment Or Greaseproof Paper.
Lightly Oil The Lined Sheet.
Place The Eggs In A Large Bowl And Beat Until Frothy.
Add The Sugar To The Eggs And Mix Well.
Stir Flour Into Egg Mixture And Beat With A Wooden Spoon.
Mix In The Nuts And Cherries Then Turn Onto A Well Floured Surface And Knead Gently For About 2 Minutes.
Divide The Dough In Two And Shape Each Half Of The Dough Into A Long Log About 7.5cm/ 2 ½ Inch Wide.
Place At Least 4 Inches Apart On The Baking Sheet And Smooth The Tops And Sides With A Rubber Spatula.
Bake For 40 Minutes, Or Until The Logs Are Firm When Pressed In The Centre.
Remove The Baking Sheet From The Oven.
Do Not Turn Off The Oven.
Slide The Logs Onto A Cutting Board.
With A Large Serrated Knife, Cut Each Log Diagonally Into 12mm/ ½ Inch Slices.
Stand The Slices Upright On Edge Of The Baking Tray And Return To The Oven For 15 Minutes Longer, Or Until Crisp.
Transfer To Wire Racks To Cool Completely.

Biscotti Are Traditionally Served With Coffee As "dunkers". They Are Supposed To Be Hard So Don`t Try Eating Them Without Dunking First! You can serve with your family and friends.
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