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Italian >> Bread Pizza
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Italian >> Bread Pizza


Bread. . . .4 Slices Tomatoes. . . .3 Onions. . . . 3 Garlic. . . .5 Pieces Green Chilies. . . 3 Tomato Sauce. . . To Taste Corn Flour. . .1 Tbsp Capsicum. . .3 Grated Cheese. . . .to Taste Red Chili Powder. . . To Taste Salt. . . .to Taste Oil. . . .2 Tbsp Aajma. . . .1 Tbsp
Boil Tomatoes, After Tomatoes Attain Room Temperature Crush Them, Add Garlic, Onions, Aajma, Salt And Red Chili Powder And Crush Them.
Heat Oil In Pan And Add The Above Gravy In It And Cook For Five Minutes.
Your Gravy Is Ready.
Make A Corn Flour Paste.
Now Take A Bread Piece Apply On One Side Corn Flour Paste And Place It On A Hot Plate.
Now Spread Gravy And Tomato Sauce And Place A Lid.
Cover It And Cook For 1 Minute.
Now Spread Slice Capsicum, Onion And Cheese On It And Again Place Lid.
Cook For 1 Minute And Again Garnish With Capsicum, Onion And Cheese And Serve It With Tomato Souce

Serves: 4 Preparation Time: 30 Minutes You can serve with your family and friends.
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