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Breads >> Kutluma
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Breads >> Kutluma


For Dough - 500 G. White Flour - 2 Tsp. Salt - 2 Tsp. Oil - 1\14 Cups Of Water For Topping - ½ Cup Basin (gram Flour) - 1level Tsp. Chili Powder - ½ Level Tsp. Salt - 1 Level Tsp. Garam Masala - Few Drops Of Food Color - 5-6 Tsp. Anar Daana (dried Pomegranate Seeds) - 5-6 Tbsp. Mash Dal (washed Urad Dal ) Soaked Overnight And Drained. - 5-6 Tsp. Coriander Seeds Crushed
1. Put Flour, Salt And Oil In A Bowl.
Gradually Add Water And Bind The Mixture Into A Soft Dough.
Knead Well For A Few Minutes Until The Dough Leaves The Sides Of The Bowl Clean.
Cover With A Damp Cloth And Leave To Rest For ½ An Hour. 2. Mix Basin, Salt, Chili Powder, Garam Masala And Red Food Color In A Bowl.
Add Water And And Mix With A Fork Or A Beater To A Thin Paste.
3.divide The Dough Into 8-10 Equal Parts.
Smear Some Oil On The Palm Of Your Hand And Shape The Dough Into A Smooth Ball.
Sprinkle Flour On A Tray Or Baking Sheet And Put The Dough Balls In The Tray.
Cover It With A Damp Cloth And Leave To Rest For About 15 Minutes. Heat The Oil In A Deep Fryer Or A Karahai.
Place The Dough On A Floured Surface And Roll Out Into A Round No More Than 8 Inches In Diameter.
Apply A Thin Layer Of Basin Mixture Over It.
Sprinkle A Small Amount Of Mash Dal, Coriander And Anar Daana Over It.
Press The Topping With Wet Hand.
4.carefully Lift The Dough Round And Put It In The Hot Oil.
With The Edge Of A Slotted Spoon, Gently Press The Centre Of The Kutluma Down Into The Oil.
As Soon As Kutluma Rises To The Surface, Turn It Over To Cook The Other Side.
Press Down The Edges To Ensure Thorough And Even Cooking.
Cook For A Few More Seconds Then Remove The Kutluma With A Slotted Spoon.
Place On A Absorbent Kitchen Paper And Keep Hot.
Repeat With Remaining Dough And Serve As Soon As Possible. 5. Serve With Tea.

You can serve with your family and friends.
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