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  January 20 - February 18

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Aquarius Career

Since this is a year for being ready to venture on your own, you will push to create your vision of a bigger expression of yourself. You are feeling pretty high minded and enjoy your insights. Your faith in your aspirations and abilities will help to continually remold you in doing the best you can and will bring a new kind of sensitivity into your demeanor. Your identity will hinge on the sense you have of yourself.

An attitude of reflecting good intentions, and being in tune with the true needs of others in society, makes you to want to extend yourself in a global way. You will be thrilled to focus on and express yourself with your unique individuality through your own business. Your good perception, open mindedness and strong mentality gives you an ability to do well in your work as you possess a keen, alert and expressive mind and can be versatile with your different skills.

You may need to avoid getting too caught up into the details and focus on the larger picture. By the end of the year, you will feel big transformations through sharing your beautiful work with the world. You will receive the recognition you deserve and your whole life will take on new meaning. You will take on new financial ventures this year as your business expands and you learn new ways of putting your integrity into action where others will greatly benefit from your pursuits. You may find that you will be working with many people and your focus will expand to new markets.



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