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  September 23 - October 22

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Libra Career

Change comes your way as you shift your dreamy ideas into new practical avenues. You are a very talented writer and have amazing musical abilities. You express yourself with charm, and will entertain others with your ideas. There may be changes at work due to organizational upheavals or having to take on some new assignments.

You may be feeling a constricted and bored with your present job and may seize the opportunity to use your creativity and talents in new ways. You may even want to change jobs, if you are not satisfied with a change in routine or job description. As you develop your ideas more, be open to opportunities where people are looking for the special skills you possess. You like variety in your work, and you need to remain flexible to satisfy your new ideas and still receive rewards. New techniques for doing healing work may also bring some new opportunities.

Beware, however, the negative attitudes of others and always put yourself first. With perseverance, you will achieve more intellectual and communication flexibility in your career and make the necessary changes to fulfill your desires.



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