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  August 23 - September 22

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Virgo Career

Your good work habits hopefully won't cause you to overcompensate by asserting yourself to work harder, or feeling bombarded by obsessive focus on details. Doing things in bits and pieces rather than focusing on getting the whole project done all at once will be beneficial to you. Create an atmosphere that satisfies your childlike desire to have fun -- splashing around paint and getting your hands dirty will be a great outlet for new creative and dramatic expression of your points of view. Remember to try and go with the flow a little bit, and relax so that you can appreciate your own sense of worth and strong values. You may find that working with classical or other harmonious music in the background will help fulfill your need to concentrate more and keep you emotionally balanced.

In the spring, you should find a better connection with others and work out any differences. Exercise diplomacy in team efforts and interpersonal communication. Your co-workers will support you, and you find how much they appreciate your conscientious efforts to create love, beauty and harmony in the workplace. You need to give yourself permission to be in an environment in which you can participate in a wide range of healthy and dynamic interactions with others. You will do very well if you start an entrepreneur endeavor utilizing your creativity. Consider acting as a way to express yourself -- this will be a nice diversion. In your quiet moments, when you are listening to your inner voice, you will cultivate new ideas that begin to develop.



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