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  October 23 - November 21

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Scorpio Career

You are strongly determined to succeed and to complete your creative projects. Inner desires will serve both your career and your higher visions in life. Your responsibility, this year, is to find a profession that utilizes and lines up with your own personal ideals. You feel very fortunate that you have a job, and it will be very important that you get both recognition and be allowed to express your passion and interests. You are motivated to start new projects and keep your job lively and interesting. You're not afraid of hard work when you know that you have an important goal to fulfill.

Direct your energies towards understanding and learning from experiences of those from different walks of life than yours. It will be important for you to be conscious of being more of a team player, while working any through problems that may arise. Get a good grip on things before acting and be aware to not want to jump to conclusions. Others count on your deep insight, clarity and awareness of what's going on, as well as your ability to be able to communicate clearly. You have a natural talent to see other points of view, and don't miss a beat when it comes to expressing yourself. You have the great talent of a dramatic actor, which you could no doubt use to great effect when you want to get your way. Your performances will make you an asset in social situations this year.



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