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  November 22 - December 22

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Sagittarius Career

With an ambitious fire and sense of perfectionism, you remain a hard worker who enjoys responsibility. You thrive on achievement, success and recognition, and you have a never ending well of energy to accomplish your goals. Your persistence will help you to achieve beyond your wildest imagination, this year. You will give work your all and reap the rewards of a job well done. You make a good teacher and a wonderful role model through your work. You could do well at working with handicapped people, helping them in their desires and succeed in making their dreams a reality.

You're a good team player and think of others in addition to yourself. As much as you like being surrounded by beautiful things, you are very practical in the way you spend money and don't like wasting it on frivolities. You are very clear minded in the way you want your achievements in your career path to look and are good at setting timelines to achieve the results you feel important. You possess great managerial abilities and organizational skills, and have a strong ability to make sound business decisions.

Even though you are very efficient in the way you manage time, you might tend to get yourself overscheduled and not allow yourself enough time to relax. In the summer, you will get a big boost in your career and will achieve the recognition you deserve. By autumn, you feel much more organized and energized. Perhaps it would be an ideal time for a little escape? Consider a late vacation, this year!



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