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  July 23 - August 22

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Leo Career

This is a good time for you to evaluate your personal desires and make any changes you feel necessary to the work you choose to do. Because you have a big heart, you will feel comfortable in helping others that are going through difficult transitions. You would do very well working in the healthcare field this year, or other service organization where you can make a positive transformation in helping create good outcomes for others' benefit and welfare. By putting your energy into helping and assisting others, you will feel transformed and appreciated by the people that you are helping.

You will be going through positive changes, aligning yourself more with your higher standards of how you do business. You have been working very hard in creating sources of income and have wondered where the money is going to be coming from to take care of all your needs in the future. You will find that money will be coming in from unexpected sources and partnerships that have not been fruitful in the past, but surprise you when they come through. You'll feel very energized and focused on overcoming any difficult situations by finding you can direct yourself and recreate your way of doing business.

By the end of the year, you may reevaluate how much you are doing and start working on a new personal project that expresses the transformational experiences you have had. Nurturing your own creativity by getting involved in some art oriented projects will help you clear out your mind and renew your focus. You can give out a lot more energy in your work when you are inspired and feeling joyful and optimistic. Your renewal will help you realize that everything your awareness touches becomes a field for your intellectual attainment.



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