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  July 23 - August 22

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Dramatic, dynamic and compassionate Leo starts the year working hard to discover new ways to express practical ideals by connecting to inner wisdom. You will realize how everything you do in your life affects the entire world on some level. Feeling a need to change and re-evaluate your personal values and all that you hold sacred has been a regular exercise for you, both personally and financially.

Deep and profound changes and blessings await you as you freely give your energy to help others and take a hard look at your personal values in relationship to your resources. Some of the blocks you may have been feeling in your personal life and not knowing which direction to go will be lifted. By the spring, you will be feeling more grounded and secure, and a little more compassionate and tolerant of others. Comfort, relaxation and being mindful are all very important factors that inspire you to live a healthy life. You enjoy nature, so consider gardening to maintain your sunny disposition.

As much as you dream of having a perfect partnership, you have had to work out a lot of your own personal values to know what you really want. It is good to clarify these wants, so that by summer you will be able to put more of your focus into giving your relationship the time and energy it needs. Things will become much more interesting for you by the end of summer. New and wonderful opportunities to enjoy innovative pursuits will enable you to enjoy your creature comforts in the home that you so proudly feel is your sanctuary.


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